Shy Wolf


In Naples, Fl there is this place called Shy Wolf Sanctuary on a small bit of land. It is a refuge for wolves, wolf dogs, cougars, and other animals. I got to take a trip there with a photography club and we got the privilege to go inside the wolf and wolf dog habitats to shoot photos. Even though we went in to the wolf habitats that had animals that were more friendly and less wild than some others it was still a bit nerve racking to know If they wanted they could probably eat me and there wouldn't be much I could do about it. When we first entered the habitat all the wolves and wolf dogs bolted to the furthest corner of the habitat that they could find. They slowly began approaching us as we sat, stood or knelt very still. Each time they would trot up to us and then run back they got closer until they were walking around and in between our group. All of us made sure to take advantage of any photo opportunities we had while they were trusting us enough to mingle in our group. It felt like a very fleeting moment and that at any time they would go running back further into their habitat and the experience would be over. I shot this photo while one of the wolves slowly crept up to me during the first few minutes we were in the habitat. It was an amazing experience and they are truly beautiful animals, it was a privilege to get to be so close to them like that.

Photo will be printed on Professional Fuji Crystal Archive Paper